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Uni-Tech Testing & Calibration is NABL – Govt. of India, Department of Science and Technology Approved Calibration Laboratory vide certificate No. C-1220 and maintaining good reputation in the Factory Audits, Testing & Calibration industry. We provides specialized technical service in all major fields of science & Engineering such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, chemical, fluid flow & Thermal under testing facilities and Physical Testing, Temperature, Electronic, Production Equipment and all types of Measurement and Test Equipment under calibration facilities. Our range of services includes Independent Inspection, Pre Dispatch Inspection, Third Party Inspection and Consultancy of Lab Setup, documentation evaluation for NABL/BIS/ISO Certification.

We have previously provide services to industries manufacturing Agriculture Implements, T.M.T Bar, Billet ,Ingot, Steel tube ,Submersible Pumps, Mono-block Pumps, Immersion Water Heaters, Concrete Spun Pipes(R.C.C), Gas Stoves, Pressure Cookers, Helmet ,Deep Well Hand Pumps, Suction apparatus, Irrigation Sprinkler Pipes, H.D.P.E pipe, U.P.V.C pipe ,over head tank ,C.I.D joints, A.C pressure pipes, windowsection, hydraulic door closer, butt hinges, concrete blocks for pavement, plaster of Paris, Cement, Asbestos cement sheets, stone glazed pipes, Wood products ,valves, pipe fittings, Package Drinking Water(PDW), Cattle Feed, Biscuits, Milk products, Pesticides, Rubber, Sanitary Ware etc.

The customer is the primary focus of our professional management team. Our goal is to provide the customer with efficient, quality service. Our technical service is administered using current state-of the art calibration devices. Our professional technical team is comprised of the industries most competent and knowledgeable calibration specialists. We understand that down equipment is costly, causing interruption to your firm's workflow and productivity. Our quality system statement, COMMITTED TO SERVICE AND DEDICATED TO ACCURACY, by linking technical support to your firm's operation, when required, therefore assuring our customers of prompt assistance in the resolution of any problem area.

We schedule services around your company's workflow, intending to minimize any impact on your firm's production continuity. One month prior to the Calibration Recall Date of your firm's equipment, we will provide you with a recall letter, listing equipment and calibration due dates. Providing our customers assistance in the accurate and timely scheduling of equipment.

Our Certificates of Calibration are the industries most professional and thorough, embossed as an official document. The certificates are forwarded to the customer within five working days of the completed job order. We maintain file copies of your calibration records for a minimum of five years. A complete historical database was developed for each piece of equipment calibrated by us including the standards used for its calibration.

We will provide your firm with calibration and certification of physical test equipment. We perform calibration of Hydraulic Dial Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducers/ Transmitters, Gauges and Linear Measuring Instruments under NABL Scope. Our capabilities also include calibration of temperature control instrumentation for furnaces, ovens, water Baths , Balances and Scales etc.