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Types of Dimensional Equipments we Calibrate

  1. Micrometers: (Analogue and Digital) External, Internal, Depth, Height and Length setting gauges
  2. Vernier Gauges: (Analogue and Digital) Calipers, Depth and Height
  3. Plain and Threaded Plug and Ring gauges: Parallel and Tapered
  4. Rules: Engineers Steel Tapes, Rules and Circumference (Pi) Tapes
  5. Angle Instruments: Protractors and Combination sets,
  6. Squares: Engineers and Cylindrical squares
  7. Indicators: Electronic, Digital and Dial Type Indicators (Lever and Plunger)
  8. Straight Edges: Engineers, Ruled, Specials
  9. Jigs and Tools: Wheel plate gauges, Engineering Parts etc.
  10. Gauge Blocks
  11. Angle and Box Angle Plates
  12. Engineers Parallels
  13. Feeler Gauges
  14. Measuring Pins
  15. Electronic,Digital and Mechanical Height Gauges
  16. Snap Gauges

Types of Pressure Equipments we Calibrate

  1. Digital and Dial Type Gas Pressure Gauges
  2. Digital and Dial Type Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
  3. Electronic Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transducers
  4. Barometric Pressure Gauges
  5. Pressure Calibrators
  6. Pressure Controllers

Types of Temperature Equipment we Calibrate

  1. Temperature Probes: Thermocouples and RTD
  2. Mercury and Alcohol Thermometers
  3. Autoclaves
  4. Ovens
  5. Water Baths
  6. Humidity Chambers

Types of Force Equipments we Calibrate


  1. Calibration Weights, Measuring Weights


  1. Hanging Scales, Analogue/Digital Precision Balances

Force Gauges

  1. Digital Tension/Compression Force Gauges, Load Cells

Types of Electrical Equipment we Calibrate in both Source & Measure Mode

  1. AC/ DC Voltage
  2. AC/ DC Current
  3. Resistance (2 Wire & 4 Wire
  4. Capacitance
  5. AC/ DC Power
  6. Power Factor
  7. AC Energy- Energy Meters, Single Phase & Three Phase
  8. Frequency
  9. Stop Watches/ Time Counters