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Uni-Tech Testing & Calibration provides Inspection service to industries/manufacturers in all major fields of science & Engineering such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and chemical. Our range of services include Independent Inspection, Pre Dispatch Inspection, Third Party Inspection, Pre Shipment Inspection etc.

Type of industries/manufacturers we provide Inspection services are Agriculture Implements, T.M.T Bar, Billet ,Ingot, Steel tube ,Submersible Pumps, Mono-block Pumps, Immersion Water Heaters, Concrete Spun Pipes(R.C.C), Gas Stoves, Pressure Cookers, Helmet ,Deep Well Hand Pumps, Suction apparatus, Irrigation Sprinkler Pipes, H.D.P.E pipe, U.P.V.C pipe ,over head tank ,C.I.D joints, A.C pressure pipes, window/section, hydraulic door closer, butt hinges, concrete blocks for pavement, plaster of Paris, Cement, Asbestos cement sheets, stone glazed pipes, Wood products ,valves, pipe fittings, Package Drinking Water(PDW), Cattle Feed, Biscuits, Milk products, Pesticides, Rubber, Sanitary Ware etc.