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We offer independent, efficient, and cost-effective testing services that will expedite your market entry and reduce your business risk.

We provide independent, responsive, and cost-effective testing services that help shorten your time-to-market, reduce risk, and enhance product value in the marketplace. Our testing expertise includes troubleshooting, safety, quality control, research and development, design engineering and evaluation, prototype testing and validation, and product benchmark testing.

Our Services include:

  1. Analytical Laboratories
  2. Building Material Testing
  3. Sand/Fine Aggregate/Coarse Aggregate Testing
  4. Water Testing
  5. All Type of Cements Testing(OPC,PPC,White cement etc.)
  6. Steel Testing
  7. Automotive Testing Services
  8. Chemical Testing
  9. Energy Efficiency Testing
  10. Food Testing
  11. Furniture Testing
  12. Materials Analysis and Testing
  13. Packaging Testing
  14. Performance Testing
  15. Product Safety Testing
  16. Textile Testing

With expert knowledge we analyze different client products and materials every day. Our Engineers, Chemists, and Technologists are highly qualified professionals with years of industry experience. They use expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide a full range of quality, product safety, materials and research analysis and testing services. Tests can be performed on a product, product lines, prototype creations and services either in our laboratories, in the field, or in our clients' own manufacturing facilities.

Uni-Tech Testing & Calibration can help you achieve requisite regulatory and legal compliance, identify where hazards are likely to occur, determine where corrective actions should be taken, and continue monitoring your global supply chain for safety, quality and performance compliance. We are here for all your global testing needs.